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If you are invited for an interview with Uber, then my course will work for you, whether you are from an Ivy league school or a b-name school... 

If you are already invited for an interview with Uber, or asked to take the test. Don't let this opportunity go. I have been there done that. In fact, I started developing this course even before I was offered a job with Uber. I realized it was an immensely challenging process, and by far the most difficult analytics test I had ever seen. So, I thought I can guide others what to do and what not to do. Me getting an offer later on definitely became an icing on the cake. Plus, it allowed me to update the content with more Uber terminology.  Don't settle for less. You can make it happen at Uber with my course. Let me teach you. Let's become colleagues.

Don't Waste Your Time...

Uber is known for it's notoriously difficult interview process and out of this world Analytics exam. Let me show you how to increase your chances.

Learn the proven ways... before you lose the opportunity

This course with its 6 sections and over 20 videos along with all the downloadable material teaches you A to Z of how to really pass every single interview with Uber.

In addition, the incredible bonus of entire Uber Analytics V3.1 test with its results will almost guarantee success.

What I teach is the only proven way that actually works and delivers results.

Don't leave it to chance. Take action.

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  • 6 sections of intense training

  • Excel CSV files for Analytics Test

  • Full of insider information

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • 6 sections and over 20 videos (2 hours of training)
  • All the interviews questions along with proper answers
  • Understanding Uber's terminology (gain advantage over other candidates)
  • Resources, guides, and excel files
  • And a lot more... Everything you need to pass the Uber's interview process

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Here are some of the questions I receive frequently...

  • Q.Does it work to secure an interview with Uber?

    A.I am afraid not. The program is only suitable for those who are already invited to interview.

  • Q.How long does Uber's interview process take?

    A.It all depends on your hiring team. It can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. Mine took a bit longer than expected. You can read my story here.

  • Q.What is the success rate?

    A.Success rate is very high. But, just so we are clear; I don’t guarantee any results. This program is a training tool. I share with you the path, but it’s for you to study and make the best use of this comprehensive course.

  • Q.Are there hidden packages or recurring charge?

    A.Definitely not! There are no hidden packages or additional charges attached to the program. You only purchase the training program once and you keep reaping the benefits forever.

  • Q.Is this program right for me?

    A.It is definitely the right program for you if you have already been invited to an interview. As Sun Tzu said, the battle starts before the battle ground. So, you’ll get to know about the questions, proper answers, even the analytics test way in advance. I wish I had this course before the interview process.

  • Q.How about other generic Job interview questions like Tell Me About Yourself?

    A.For other, non-uber job interview questions, you can refer to various YouTube videos by job interview experts. I can recommend Deniz Sasal and his video on tell me about yourself. You can browse his channel for other interview videos too.