Why I Applied to Uber?

When I decided to apply to Uber, I had no idea how exhausting it would be.  I was just another regular Uber rider in awe of the changes in the way people move around that was revolutionized by Uber. I had just finished my master’s degree when Uber finally came to my city.  As I…

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My Uber Career Journey!

When my college professor in Management asked my class where we wanted to work after graduating, I was the only who answered “tech company”. Everyone else wanted to work in banks or in finance companies. Not me, I told myself that I will stay as far away from staid suits and stuffy environments. I wanted…

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Uber Interview Questions – #1 Guide In The Internet

uber interview questions

In this guide, you will learn all there is to know about Uber interview questions, interview process, analytics test and even a bit of the terminology Uber uses. This is the only resource you need if you are invited for an Uber Interview. So, you are in the right place. Go grab a cup of…

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