My story isn’t really unique actually. I have just been a very hard working person ever since I have known myself. I just like to keep pushing the boundaries and achieve what was previously thought impossible.

My own career is a testament to this. I have graduated from one of the really bad Universities in my hometown. It didn’t really have a brand name or anything but I achieved so much through hard work. I am now working for one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world, and I am damn proud. Oh, by the way, Judy Mclane isn’t my name. It’s a pen name. I had to choose a pen name because I simply don’t want to risk my high paying career with publicly (and privately through my course) sharing all these insider tips about getting a job at Uber. It’s simply not worth it.

The moment I feel that it’s endangering my career, I will pull down this website at the speed of light. Until that day, please make sure you get the best out of it and consume every single information available here.

Alrighty, best of luck to you!